Four years ago, when we started recording what would become our new album, For the Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes, one of our desires was to also press the album on vinyl. The medium is very important to us; we borrow our name from Victrola gramophones after all. But there is a tactile feel to a record that doesn’t exist in any other format. It inspires active listening. The way you interact with the packaging, explore the artwork, putting the record on your turntable and dropping the needle requires you to be present in the moment. This album is special to us, and we wanted to create an experience that makes this album special to you too.

In that vein, when we approached the design for this record we wanted to make the vinyl edition something special. Printed on premium materials with a silky matte finish with accents, such as our name on the front and titles on the back, which are embossed and stamped with gold foil. The album sleeves feature additional art and lyric sheets found only on this release. The records themselves are 180 gram and cut at 45 RPM making for some of the highest quality sound possible. The album has also been remastered for this release providing a more nuanced mix that brings out additional detail in the recordings.

To celebrate the vinyl release of For the Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes, we have lined up a show at Anodyne on Bruce St. in Milwaukee with our friends DICKIE from Chicago. The show is Friday March 25th at 8PM. Advanced tickets and details can be found at Anodyne’s website. We hope to see you all there!