The Vitrolum Republic’s style has long defied a succinct summary. Over the past decade in Milwaukee’s music scene, they’ve blended styles from American roots and folk music with elements of blues, rock, singer-songwriter and classical genres. Over time their style has evolved, whether by new influences, collaborations or through experimentation in the studio or in live performances.

Their characteristic sound starts with the musicians themselves, led by brothers Jordan and Nick Waraksa, classically-trained violin and piano players respectively, who together, applied their musicianship to songwriting in order to create and not just perform. Joined by Chuck Lawton on bass and guitar and Benjamin Schaefer on percussion, their full ensemble creates a mood unlike no other, taking the listener on a journey through the themes that embody their music.

Passionate throughout their performances of original compositions, loops and effects create an orchestra of improvisational sound ensuring that the group’s shows are always unique. “Vitrolum,” is a word they created that represents a conduit of sound and through their performances, these musicians and their audience become part of “The Republic” and work to create the communal experience and sense of place that is “The Vitrolum Republic.”

The Vitrolum Republic is:

  • Jordan Waraksa ~ Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
  • Nick Waraksa ~ Piano, Accordion, Rhodes, Ukelele, Supporting Vocals
  • Chuck Lawton ~ Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Euphonium, Supporting Vocals
  • Benjamin Schaefer ~ Percussion