December 22, 2014

Cream City Soundcheck

Earlier this year, The Vitrolum Republic was honored to be profiled by Doc|UWM‘s documentary series, Cream City Soundcheck. Each year, a few lucky Milwaukee-based musical acts get interviewed as they tour some of the great businesses that make our city unique. For us, we got our hair trimmed and coiffed at Bay View’s Stag Barbershop, followed by a fascinating demonstration of how hats are made at The Brass Rooster. An in-store musical performance at the haberdashery mixed with a show we performed at Hotel Foster rounded out the documentary.

We had an fantastic time, and the students who created the piece were amazing. The folks at The Milwaukee Record had some great things to say about the video as well:

Still, when it comes to music videos, there’s no greater honor that can be bestowed to a Milwaukee band than the vaunted Cream City Soundcheck. Despite being made by UW-Milwaukee students, the professional quality productions expertly intertwine live performances, band commentary, and stunning imagery of local landmarks that are both distinct and significant.

Even though we’ve been somewhat quite here on our site and on-line presence this year, know that we’ve been hard at work on a new full length album. It’s full of some great material, some of which we’ve been featuring at our recent live performances and in the previous videos we produced last year. We’re making a push to get this new album wrapped up in the next few months and we look forward to booking some great shows in 2015.

Thanks everyone and have a great new year!

November 26, 2013

New Music Video: Lady of Stone


Close to two years ago, we began writing material for a new album. It was exciting for us as not only had Benjamin Schaefer just joined us on percussion, we entered the process with a blank slate. Full of ideas that had been placed on the back burner in the time following the release of For Highbrow Sideshows and Rowboat Serenades, we were eager to explore the sounds that a new collaborative process would create. Lady of Stone is the first of many new songs that were born out of that initial writing process.

Last summer, we got the opportunity to shoot a music video in the historic Riverside Theater, and selected Lady of Stone. Rather than performing to a pre-recorded soundtrack, we elected to capture the performance live, working with the Riverside’s sound engineer, Simon Bundy. Video production and editing was handled by Blend Studios. The result is a beautiful video that captures the essence of our music, the textures of our aesthetic, and serves as a new introduction to The Vitrolum Republic. We can’t wait to share with you where we go from here.

Cinematography: Bryan Mir & Tony Cole
Lighting: Mandy Montanye
Editing: Bryan Mir, Tony Cole & Vince Clore
Recording Engineer: Simon Bundy
Mix Engineer: Chuck Lawton

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October 17, 2013

New Music Video: Fumbling Fool

Today, we release the second of two videos, Fumbling Fool, recorded in one take at the Pritzlaff building in Milwaukee, where our fiddle player, Jordan Waraksa has his woodworking studio.

This series can be considered a love letter of sorts to the space where we came together to collaborate on songwriting in a way that had not happened previously. This is also the space where we were introduced to Benjamin Schaefer and the wonderful percussive elements he brings to our music. And it’s an incredible place to record in, with 20 foot high ceilings that let the sound expand and travel throughout the studio and the din of the city fades to the background.

These two songs, Fumbling Fool and Show and Tell, are just part of the new material we’re writing for a new full length album we plan on releasing next year.   We hope you enjoy it!

Director/Videographer: Martin Moore
Sound Production: Chuck Lawton

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September 19, 2013

New Music Video: Show and Tell

For the past few years, we have been writing new music. And many of our writing sessions took place within songwriter and fiddle player, Jordan Waraksa’s woodworking studio in the Pritzlaff building in Milwaukee’s Fifth Ward.

This space is important to us. Like so many of Milwaukee’s cream city brick buildings, it has a history and its own story to tell. In that space, coupled with Jordan’s aesthetic eye, we were surrounded by art and inspired by a patina that has rubbed off on to our music.

Show and Tell is the first of two videos, purposefully shot in one take, performed live in the entry way and gallery space of that studio.

Director/Videographer: Martin Moore
Sound Production: Chuck Lawton

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July 17, 2013

Your New Passport to The Vitrolum Republic!

The Vitrolum Republic (Photo: Lucian McAfee Photography)

Greetings, visitors to The Vitrolum Republic. We are pleased to unveil our updated website containing new ways to get our content out to you. Take a moment to browse around our site; a lot of the same sections are there now, but our new site allows us to get updates out to you quickly. We have a much better tour calendar that allows you to subscribe to our performance dates, and a mailing list that allows you to subscribe to site updates.

In addition to the redesign, we also have some new content! First off is a music video for a new song called Leonard and Leroy. This video was shot within the historic Pritzlaff building in Milwaukee. We also took the time to organize a photo shoot in that setting, playing off of Milwaukee’s industrial past and cream city brick aesthetic.

The video and photo shoot were both done by Lucian McAfee Photography. Collaborating with Lucian and fellow photographer Josiah Werning was an incredible experience. They brought an artistic vision to the shoot that not only complimented our music, but also showcased the beauty of the Pritzlaff building and her history. It was a dynamic setting that helped set the mood for the pieces and was captured beautifully in the accompanying video.

There is a lot more to come for the band and this site. Please take a moment to subscribe to our mailing list on the right. We have more audio and visual goodies in the pipeline leading up to the release of a new album that we’re currently working on. It’ll all be worth the wait!

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