October 13, 2015

“For the Lovespun Ramblings…” Available Now


Our new LP, For the Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes is now on sale on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp and most other digital outlets. Our CD Release event is on November 6th at Company Brewing with Grasping at Straws for those who want a physical copy of the new album.

Over the past week, we’ve gotten some great press for the album that we’d like to highlight. Tyler Maas from the Milwaukee Record writes:

At a time with infinite sub-genres featuring the word “rock” and most folk acts congealing in an overused mold of contrived themes, it’s refreshing when a band like The Vitrolum Republic can push elements of folk down an unfamiliar path, heap in classical influence, and project it through an indie rock lens to forge something you won’t hear anywhere else in Milwaukee, and something that’s well worth the four years it took to arrive.

And Piet Levy from the Journal Sentinel and TAP Milwaukee writes:

Four years in the making, the “gypsy noir” group follows up on its intriguing debut with greater ambition, resulting in one of the most beautiful listens from a local band this year.

We’re honored to receive such praise and we hope you all feel the same about this record. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our CD Release next month!

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October 3, 2015

Album Release Show Details

Hey all! Our album release show for our new LP, For The Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes, is on November 6th at Company Brewing. We’ll be performing with our friends, Grasping at Straws. It’s going to be an awesome night and we can’t wait to see you all there.

In advance of our show, our album will be available digitally on October 9th on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp and most other outlets.

In the interim, enjoy this trailer which shows a bit of our recording process. Our closing track, Mångata, features sound captured in the field in Grant Park along the Seven Bridges Trail in Milwaukee.

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September 25, 2015

For the Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes


Today we are proud to announce that The Vitrolum Republic’s latest studio LP is finished. The album is called For the Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes, and is the culmination of nearly four years of effort. It takes our acoustic folk roots to a more modern sound by way of experimentation both in the studio and on the stage over the past decade in Milwaukee’s music scene. New instrumentation, both acoustic and electric, coupled with extensive use of looping during live performances inform a more complex production for our sophomore release.

The lineup is the same over the past 4 years, featuring Jordan Waraksa on fiddle, guitar and vocals, Nick Waraksa on piano, accordion and ukulele, Chuck Lawton on guitar, banjo, bass and supporting vocals, and Benjamin Schaefer on percussion. Songwriting for this album was a collaborative effort from the start with each of us bringing our unique musical background and experiences to bare. The themes in this album are simultaneously universal and intimate, touching on love and loss and the journey we all take to find our way on a chaotic sea to the individual islands of our home.

The album will be released digitally on October 9th, 2015. Our album release show will be on November 6th, with more details to come.

To celebrate this upcoming release, we’re making our new LP available for streaming on our bandcamp page and right here on our website. Listen and share and let us know what you think. Additionally, You can now name your price for our previous release on our bandcamp page as well.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the past few years. We have a great release here and we hope you love it.

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September 21, 2015

Sofar Sounds: Milwaukee

Back in April, The Vitrolum Republic was invited to perform at Sofar Sounds: Milwaukee. Here is some video from that show. Special thanks to Sofar Sounds: Milwaukee and all of the volunteers who make these shows such an incredible experience for both musician and patron alike. Sign up to their mailing list to get invited to upcoming Sofar Sounds events in town.

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September 20, 2015

“For the lovespun…” An Introduction

Our new full length studio LP, “For the Lovespun Ramblings and Ghosts in our Shoes” is complete. More to come on our release schedule and album release show. In the interim, here’s a trailer of sorts with footage of us recording the track, “Storms Call Me Out.”

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